The Zeitgeist: Ted Cruz, March 31, 2015

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The conventional wisdom on Ted Cruz, current front-runner for the Republican nomination to be the official candidate for President in 2016, has developed into a few storylines.

The harder line mainstream conservatives are worried Cruz isn't genuine or experienced enough. The Politico article is a great example of this school of thought, "Cruz, who announced last week he’s running for president, has the committee’s worst attendance record — by far."

Other stories in this vein highlight the mere 2.5 years of Cruzperience in the Senate and the low speech to accomplishment ratio Cruz seems to put forward. The smart conservatives are glad he's keeping the conversation red and driving national donations while keeping the spotlight warm for a real contender.

International news outlets are kinder but kookier to Cruz. Most play up his Canadian birth and tea party connections. The linked BBC article below is a perfect example, bolding the sentences mentioning Texas, Twitter, Tea Party, the twenty one hour speech and "it emerged he was born in Canada."

The international press is all looking at Cruz's candidacy from this tabloid angle. Every article mentions Chris Christie, Rand Paul and Rubio as tentative entries. None of the non-US outlets have any front-page Cruz stories, either.

The liberals love Cruz. Love, loves^loves his zany antics because the amount of stupid things he says is directly correlated to the amount of money they raise. I bet there are days when Cruz and Hillary use the exact same Ted Cruz quotes in their email campaign headlines.

For the type example see Mimi Swartz' Front-Page-Link-Worthy article in the Times, linked. Mimi goes through all the liberal stages of grief when exposed to unhealthy levels of Cruz Candidacy:

  1. Dread
  2. Superiority
  3. Resignation and Acceptance
  4. Internalization

This common blue narrative is to paint Cruz with the Texas brush until he seems folksy and harmless then yank that facade away to show the true Cruz: funless, activist conservative. It feels a lot like a vocal chuck of the liberal media is reacting to Cruz the way they wish they'd reacted to W; saying the things they wish the'd said to W. They just aren't driving the national conversation because Cruz isn't as much candidate as W.

The latest on Hillary's Zany Email Server

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The problem with the email is story is that anything Clintonian is multi-faceted and hard to see. Take this email story. There is smoke blowing out of an email server that's on fire. Yet it definitely wasn't illegal and followed precedent to use a home email server, like Colin Powell.

Everything seems to be true here. Just different details are highlit. The NYT goes out of their way to emphasize things were private. The Mail editors must be thrilled that there is a Huma connection, new news. And the Post goes right for the pun and the jugular, "Hillary concedes she should have used a government email server."

Senate Agrees to Fund DHS; No Apparent Immigration Quid Pro Quo

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Jeb Bush Infuriates, Inspires, and Ingratiates at CPAC

Jeh Johnson on DHS shutdown

I'm going to say it's NOT A GOOD THING.